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High performance audio is what Barney Miller’s is all about. The rising, powerful crescendo of an orchestra. The soulful wailing of a blues guitar. The shimmering, thrilling brilliance of operatic soprano. These are but a few of the musical moments that elicit emotional response. Music isn’t merely listened to through a high performance audio system, it is experienced. Details you’ve never heard before are revealed and instruments sound so real, they seem present in the room. While many think they won’t be able to hear the difference, once you experience the wonder of hi-fi, you’re converted forever. Big or small, digital, analog, or both, quality audio is available to everyone.

Music is much more accessible than ever before. Our clients can still use the traditional sources such as CD’s or albums for their digital downloads, however music streaming is the most popular choice now. There are over 50 music streaming services to choose from, which include access to almost any song, by any artist, at any time. There are better ways to listen than a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Music can also be enjoyed in any room, even outdoors. Systems can be installed for multi-room sound or a more dedicated area for even higher quality sound. These systems can be controlled by hand-held universal remotes, smart phones, tablets, computers or touch screens.

At Barney Miller’s, we can show you how easy it is to get started and let you hear how your favorite artist was meant to sound.


Wireless Music can be distributed in several ways. Bluetooth is satisfactory for short distances from a mobile phone, for instance in a car or near a Bluetooth enabled speaker. This is a good solution for portability with good but not great sound quality.

Airplay is similar to Bluetooth in many ways but not as commonly implemented. This technology is used to send music to receivers and other similar components.

Wireless music systems using a local network offer the best sound quality in the wireless genre. Some of these systems use apps or web interfaces to control the music. Others like Play-Fi use the mobile device to stream the music through the devices to the wireless products.

Some of the brands Barney Miller’s offers are Sonos, Bluesound and Paradigm.

There are numerous streaming services that are typically played through these systems. Currently there are over 50 to choose from. Including Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Apple, etc. The list goes on and on. Almost any song, artist, composer or album can be accessed on demand.

These wireless music systems can be added as a source to an existing system, stand-alone sound bars or self-contained music players that can be placed in many rooms. There are also amps that can power traditional speakers both indoors and outdoors.

Stop by our showroom for a demo on this hugely popular way of enjoying music. Millions of songs are at your fingertips!

To learn more about SONOS, click here.


Learn what a great speaker can do!

  • Lack of Colorization – you don’t want anything taken away or added to the original sound. Speakers should reproduce the recording without distracting from the original intent.
  • Localization – Being able to realize the position of the singer or instrument as if they were on-stage in front of you.
  • Base Extension – the speaker’s ability to reproduce low frequency audio accurately.
  • Dynamic Range – The speaker’s low distortion from low to high frequency.
  • Spaciousness – The speaker’s ability to create a large or small atmosphere based on the original recording.