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Audio/Video furniture is designed with many features and needs in mind. Ventilation for equipment can help increase the lifespan and help performance. Adjustable shelves and wire paths help with installation. Rear access is key for proper hook-up. Wheels are handy to roll out furniture and service or upgrade the system.

Audio racks can display a system properly as a showpiece for your listening room. Shelves can be added as needed for system expansion or changes.

Equipment racks are very popular for whole-house systems or theater rooms. These can be lockable and can have a fan system for proper ventilation. These racks are mostly industrial looking are located in closets or mechanical rooms.

Seating should be customized for the viewing area and who will be using it. Chairs and sofas can be mixed and matched, with electronic or manual reclining.

Height, width and firmness can be custom. Reclining or inclining is possible, depending on whether or not a rear wall is close by. Materials are typically micro fiber or leather. Colors and fabric grade selections are numerous and swatches are handy to compare with room colors.